Trademark Policy

MODX Trademarks

MODX has invested years of effort and countless dollars in creating and sharing its software with the world under an Open Source license. In order to continue to grow and share our software with the world it's important that we build equity in the MODX brands, so they become more recognizable in the community, with business owners and with website professionals.

"MODX" is a registered trademark of MODX Technologies, LLC. "MODX Revolution" and "MODX Evolution", "Your Content. Your Way.". "Future Proof.", "Sleep Well at Night." and "More Time for ..." when replacing the ellipsis with an activity and the MODX logo are Trademarks of MODX Technologies, LLC. The are collectively referred to as "MODX Trademarks".

MODX is required by law to protect and defend its trademarks in order to maintain them. The following guidelines outline permitted usage and prohibited of MODX Trademarks.

If you have any question concening usage of MODX Trademarks, please contact us.

Trademark Usage

You may use MODX Trademarks as outlined below and in the next section without prior written permission in reviews, in news articles, on blogs, or on other articles on your website without our written consent, as long as you use them according to this guideline, retain the proper capitalization, and retain the ® symbol or ™ symbol as follows:

  • MODX®
  • MODX Revolution™
  • MODX Evolution™

When using one of the slogans identified in the MODX Trademarks section above, they should be followed by the trademark symbol: ™

MODX Look & Feel

The MODX Website, logo and general look and feel are also covered under the Trademark Guidelines. In order to reduce confusion as to whether someone is dealing with MODX, or with another person or company that is not MODX, do not copy or mimic the MODX look and feel. If you would like permission to reuse an image, screenshot or portion of our website, please contact us.


MODX logos are distinctive graphic renditions. You may use the MODX logos in a blog or news article, publication, book or other online or offline medium, or on your website in reference to the respective MODX product, without our written consent, provided that the logos are duplicated exactly as shown in the preceding link without alteration, and the ® symbol (or the ™ symbol, as applicable) attached to the shoulder of the logo as in the attached link is retained. All other usages of the MODX logos require written approval.

Using MODX Names

Trademarks protect MODX as well as our community of customers, developers, partners, and vendors. They identify the source of one provider's products from another. By "products" we mean all types of offerings, ranging from commercial products and services to open source and free software and informational websites. Trademark law protects the public's ability to rely on trademarks for information about product source and quality, requiring trademark owners to take steps to police proper use of their marks.

In the MODX ecosystem of customers, vendors and partners, the MODX product names are used in naming for 3rd-party products, product reviews, product usage, and more. Below are some guidelines for using MODX product naming conventions in your work:

Things with which We are OK
  • It's okay to use MODX's product names and trademarks in your own software product, however it must be clear that your product is a third-party tool, not a MODX-generated tool.
    For example: "ABC plugin for MODX®" is okay, whereas "MODX® plugin for ABC" is not. The former connotes a 3rd-party plugin for MODX®, the latter connotes a MODX-developed tool.
  • It's okay to use MODX logos and brand names on your website or blog. You don't need permission from us to use the brands or names.
  • You may use the MODX logo or product logo in any blog, news article or on your website without our written consent, as long as you follow these guidelines and do not modify our brand designs.
  • It is acceptable to use "MODX" or our product names or brands in publications, blogs, books or other online or offline mediums, provided this outline is adhered to and the ® symbol or ™ symbol as applicable is retained on the right shoulder of the mark. In a longer publication where MODX is cited more than once, the trademark/registered trademark symbol need only be used the first time the brand is mentioned.
  • You are not permitted to modify the MODX logo or product logos in anyway except to resize a logo for the page where it's displayed, or in the case of the black and white version, to alter it to a single color or reverse it to white for use on dark backgrounds.
Lawyer Letter Fodder: Please Don't…
  • Using "modx" (in any form of capitalization) in a domain name is not permitted. This gets confusing fast for users and people looking for official MODX products and services. For example, the following URL would need a trademark license from MODX in order to be permitted:

    That being said, using "modx" in a URL is OK, for example:

  • Your website should look like your website, not ours. It should not borrow heavily from or closely resemble MODX's website or web properties. For the sake of customers and consumers, clearly distinguishable websites help everyone.
  • Implying affiliation with MODX is also a no go. For example, this could be using the MODX logo prominently enough that your website could be construed to be a MODX website. Your website should clearly look unique to your business and separate from MODX.
  • Selling stuff you can actually touch that you create is off limits. This means no T-shirts or other swag without a trademark license.
  • Concatenating product names, e.g., "MyPLuginMODX", or improperly capitalizing MODX (it's all-caps): nope.
  • Using MODX Trademarks in any way not explicitly covered here without a trademark license causes problems, too.

Trademark Licensing

MODX will grant certain individuals, groups or organizations a license to use MODX Trademarks when it is not for any commercial gain whatsoever, and intended to grow and spread the MODX Ecosystem. MODX may further grant a trademark license for a fee on a case by case basis. If you would like to inquire about licensing MODX Trademarks, please contact us.

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